The Wooden Cigar Pipe

We designed the wooden stogie to look like you are smoking out of an actual cigar, giving you that smooth feeling of drawing smoke into your mouth as you sit back and enjoy the beverage of your choice. Smoke like a boss, feel like a boss, be a boss. 

100% All Natural

Made From North American White Oak

Infused With Hemp Oil

Sealed in a Coat of Beeswax

Huge fan of one hitters and chilliums. Had tons of them and by far the BEST ONE I've ever owned. The ceramic inlay is really nice, it even comes with a screen. The bowl holds just the perfect amount needed. Pipe is solid oak wood! Love it! My fiancé said it looks just like a cigar so I can drive or even walk down the street! 


Very cool! Expertly crafted, with an awesome attention to detail. I'm really stoked with this pipe, and would recommend it to any looking for a basic smoking tool. A THOUSAND STARS! 



This is the best pipe I have ever owned. I cant imagine using anything else to burn flower in. I still like my vape, but old school burning tends to give me the most medicinal benefit. I am telling my friends who would find use for this product about it. Do yourself a favor and get one.

Big Mike





Each smoak pipe is handmade in the City of  Chicago.